Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sherry and Citrus Glazed Carrots

For the past three to four years a friend of mine, Camille, has thrown a wonderful holiday party in which we all dress up. It started out as a small get together with no more than ten people all of whom were local. As the years progressed more and more people slowly started to appear. This year we had a total of thirty people, which we were not expecting. In the past we had all worn our old prom outfits, played apples to apples and ordered pizza or ate some simple pasta. However, this year, with so many new people we needed to figure out how to feed them all on a budget while creating a presentable meal.
Camille and I

A turkey was donated to our cause and we ended up making some sort of thanksgiving dinner with mac and cheese instead of stuffing. With so many picky eaters and vegetarians the baked mac and cheese was perfect. We made two pounds of the pasta and it was all eaten. As for the turkey, i just followed the instructions from The turkey turned out perfect. We also made the kale and brussels sprouts salad I previously posted. However my favorite dish was picked out of Bon Apetit Magazine, Spiced Glazed Carrots with Sherry and Citrus.

We started out with 2 lbs of carrots, but a half an hour before the dinner we had eaten all of them! So we had to buy 4 lbs more. It was a very quick dish, which took away a lot of the stress. I am not posting the recipe and instead have provided the like in the paragraph above. However I do have a few comments. The recipe calls for exact amounts, but I have found that guestimates work out just fine. Also orange juice works out fine if you don't want to buy clementine juice. Also I added more water when 'boiling' the carrots which made the recipe easier and it turned out fine. Just do whatever feels right and the dish will still be perfect. Just remember to eat it while its warm! Cold cooked carrots aren't my favorite.

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