Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Shoreline Cafe Review

This post is actually from a restaurant I visited during Spring break, over a month ago. School has been crazy and my internship takes up all my free time. However, its been fun, somewhat (if you exclude organic chemistry). My research is tying together all my school work and I finally feel like I am truly learning something. As of tomorrow, I will have finished my research proposal outlining my current and future research for the next six months. It all feels very exciting. And to top it off, I only have three more weeks until I am officially a senior! 

The restaurant James and I visited was the Shoreline Cafe in Mill Valley. I believe they are currently under new management. However, the place looks pretty much the same, but I think they may have painted some walls. Overall, it is very colorful, which is a nice break from the fog. Don't get me wrong, I love the fog, bright colors always make me smile. The also added some local art. Personally, the art felt unfinished and made me twitch, but then again that may be intended. 

When it came to the food, the menu was simple, as usual. The simplicity is refreshing, especially since I can never decide what to get. The menu seems to have two themes, Mexican style food and basic American food. Lots of tacos and hamburgers. The breakfast menu had the usual eggs with choice of side, pancakes, french toast, and breakfast tacos. I opted for the breakfast tacos, reminiscing about Todos Santos. 

Overall, it was good. Nothing shouted out at me, but it all fit well together. There was nothing out of place. I liked the side of beans, which I don't usually have with breakfast tacos. The scrambled eggs were full of all sorts of things including peppers, tomatoes and onions. It was on the hotter side of mild and coming from me that probably means it wasn't all that spicy. However, it was perfect for me. 

James got the french toast, no surprise. His food came first and as soon as it arrived I wanted to change my order. It was so puffy and juicy. An odd way to describe french toast, but it looked completely irresistible. 

In the end, James and I had a wonderful outing. It was low key, but sweet. The restaurant feels very much like home. It is perfect for a basic breakfast or lunch at a decent price (for Marin anyway).

I miss the Mill Valley fog.

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