Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Life is Sweet Like Cinnamon

James came to visit for the weekend and he whipped out the old milkshake maker in honor of the heat. I will have to double check with him, but there isn't really an exact recipe for his shakes. He just combines ice cream and milk and the ratio depends on the thickness you want. He used vanilla bean ice cream and regular 2 percent milk. Every once and a while James will surprise me with a hot chocolate or milk shake and it always makes me smile ear to ear. The tell tell sign whether or not a drink was made by James is the presence of whipped cream.

He made us shakes after our Saturday morning trip to the farmers market where I got the most amazing peaches and fresh lavender. I can't wait to go back and get more! I have been craving a peach pie ever since our trip, but I am out of peaches (and time). Hopefully, I will make one this weekend.

At the market we met a flat coat retriever that looked just like Shadow, James's dog at home. She even gave me kisses! I miss living with animals, its killing me. There is a good chance James and I will cave and get a doxie next year.

I always stop at the Fat Face stand to buy a breakfast sammie and a mint black tea, which I am holding. The look on my face is screaming, James is in town! Being separated has allowed for more productive time, but I don't think it is a very good trade. 

On the way home we always stop by and say hi to the farmers market inspector. This little cat waits at the corner and says hi to everyone leaving. He likes to check our produce for us.

Here is my beautiful boy :). I can't believe we've been together for over three years already! Looking forward to seeing him for the Fourth of July. 

Did I mention how much I love lavender? I might even love it as much as I love dachshunds. I have a sensitive nose which gets offended quite easily and lavender or coffee beans are my favorite way to give my nose a break. I am currently attempting to dry my lavender. In the future I want to make candles and small little pillows from it.  

I also got some lovely carrots and beets Saturday. Since then I made an amazing honey glazed carrots with sesame seed dish. I am saving the beats to use as a dye for my white cotton yarn.

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