Monday, August 13, 2012

Banana Coconut Sticky Rice Pudding

For the month of August, I am traveling through Thailand and Laos with James, and his parents visiting his mother's family. This past week we have been primarily located in Chaing Mai, Thailand where James's mom, Amy, grew up.

Amy introduced me to this little dessert, coconut sticky rice steamed with bananas, and wrapped in a banana leaf. It can be found in pretty much any of the street markets. A pack of two is less than 50 cents. 

After unfolding the banana leaf you find a small handful of coconut sticky rice, and a piece of banana. I have become utterly addicted to this little sweet. The only down side is that it has a shelf life of about 12 hours, since we do not have a proper way to refrigerate, and then reheat it. 

Amy and I conversed on the best way to make this dish. To begin, make Thai coconut rice pudding using sticky rice. Then take a small handful of the rice, and wrap it around a piece of banana. To receive the true banana flavor the rice and banana need to be steamed together, and the best way to do this is with a banana leaf. However, we don't have easy access to banana leaves in the states, so I am going to have to play around with this dish back home, and get back to you. My goal is to find an alternate way to steam the rice and banana mixture that will allow the rice to keep its shape, and lock in the banana flavor. 

I know there are various ways to make this and as I do not have a recipe to consult. Please let me know if you have an alternative way, or idea to make this dish!

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  1. maybe something like this?


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