Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rice Flour Pancake with Coconut & Tiger Cubs

James and I found this little jem in the street markets of Chaing Mai, Thailand. We were searching for breakfast, and really wanted something other than rice soup or meat with rice. I am having fun exploring the different types of food here in Thailand, but I miss breakfast! These little pancakes cost about 10 cents, and we ate three each.

As for the composition, I am not quite sure what is in it or how it is made. However, I was informed that it is made with rice flour and there was definitely shredded coconut inside. The street vendor made them as if he were making a crepe, but it turns out to be more like a big fluffy pancake.  When the pancake is almost done cooking, he added lots of coconut and some sort of sugar mixture. Finally he folds it in half, and packages it in a little plastic bag.

The pancake is much fluffier than traditional pancake, and is completely filled with air bubbles. I believe the key to recreating this dish is to find a way to make a light and airy pancake. But if you are in a pinch, adding shredded coconut to a crepe or regular pancake sounds good too. Maybe with a little honey or Agave sweetener. 

And for a little update of what I was actually doing in Chaing Mai...

All the tiger cubs were so cute and sleepy. This little guy is 2 months old, and loves his belly rubs! They were surprisingly calm for not being sedated. Although sometimes they would start to play with each other, and get a little rough, but the supervisors knew how to handle them. The cubs were just full of love, and would climb all over the people who worked there. All the tigers have a little white spot on the back of their ears.

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