Thursday, December 20, 2012

Breakfast at Imma's

A little while ago, James and I stopped at Imma's on our way back to Davis. She whipped up quite a fantastic breakfast. Who am I to say no to a breakfast that ends with cupcakes anyway? The food before the cupcakes was not to be forgotten. It was simplicity at its best; smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes, cheese, bread and lots of different kinds of salt. Every item was presented on its own, allowing them to be combined in anyway I wished. 

We had fun experimenting with the different kinds of salt. I like to think I could taste a difference, but that was probably not the case. We ended our meal with three different cupcakes. Unfortunately I do not remember all their names, but I can confidently say they were amazing. My cupcakes don't even hold a finger to these babies. The front cupcake was, I believe, some sort of vanilla liquor cupcake. The back left was banana chocolate chip, and the right, a chocolate variety.

I will be back in Marin for the holidays and am definitely going to have to stop at the Teacake Bake Shop at the Town Center in Corte Madera and try some more cupcakes. For research purposes only, of course.  I strongly recommend you stop by as well the next time you cross the golden gate bridge to visit Marin.

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  1. As a breakfast person, I can't take my eyes from that table! Love scrambled eggs and cherry tomatoes together! Tomatoes look sourish, just the way I like! And cupcakes are definitely adorable!Wish I could go there for this mouthwatering breakfast!


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