Thursday, June 6, 2013

Eggs and Avocado Toast

For the last day of class my writing professor shared with us some last tid bits of inspiration and wisdom. First off, she emphasized the importance of reading and writing each day. Proper comma placement originates from the author's inner spidey senses, which are only honed by emerging oneself in the never ending world of literature. Communication is the number one skill desired in the workforce.

She also emphasized active thinking. At this day in age, with technology never further than our fingertips, it is unfortunately way too easy to pass the time without thinking. I know I have fallen victim to this more than I would like to admit. In the end, our thoughts are all we have. 

As many of us are looking towards graduation and trying desperately to figure out what on earth we are going to do with our lives, my professor urged us to consider what kind of day we want. I wish more people emphasized this to our nation's youth. Growing up, everything appeared to focus on goals regarding wealth and positions within society. To succeed in the eyes of others, all I needed to do was postpone happiness. But when would happiness be allowed to start? Accepting that success does not need to be measured through materialism, and understanding that choosing another path does not equate to quitting or failure, is not always easy. Separating oneself from society takes a strong individual. But the secret is, we all have this strength inside us, if we just take a moment to unearth it.

Take responsibility. If you want to be taken seriously, there is no other option. I learned this leadership lesson while event planning for a group of people who were constantly mad at each other. I would fix one person's problem, but it would eventually cause a problem for someone else, and everyone would be mad at each other again. At first I was angry at everyone for being so determined to hate each other, but then I realized I was doing the exact same thing. In the end I held a meeting, and took responsibility for all the hatred that was surging through the group. It worked like magic. Everyone focused their hatred on me, and the event turned out wonderfully. By the end, not only was everyone having a great time, but they had completely forgotten they were supposed to be hating me. If I hadn't stepped up and taken responsibility, I guarantee the event would have been a disaster. 

What I need to work on the most is ensuring that I am a kind and generous person, not just tomorrow, but today as well. I always tell myself I will donate money once I make some, but will I? However, generosity is not measured in numbers. Instead, generosity is a state of being. This past year I volunteered to help run the children's storytelling program at the local International House. When I finished my last event, I felt relieved that I would finally have my Sundays to myself again, and then I felt guilty. Even though I had spent over a year working with this program, I still had not let generosity into my heart. Generosity, like relationships or dental hygiene, will not happen overnight, and must be practiced everyday.

Lastly, I would like to add some values of my own. I believe that at the root of happiness is simplicity. Don't complicate things further than necessary, and ensure you love every minute of your waking life. Whenever I take on too much, I almost always neglect my values, and the quality of my work declines. Don't focus on topics that create anger. Life is a one time offer.

In the name of simplicity, I would like to share a breakfast dish that takes advantage of local fresh produce.

Time: less than 10 minutes
Servings: 1

  • 1 slice of rosemary sourdough bread
  • 1/2 an avocado
  • 2 slices of tomato
  • 2 eggs
  • Raspberry balsamic vinegar
  • Salt and Pepper 

Begin by warming up your frying pan. Cut in half a slice of rosemary sourdough bread, or whatever you have. Place the bread in the toaster on medium heat. Cut two medium slices from a fresh tomato. Cut half an avocado into long strips. Add olive oil to the hot frying pan, and once the oil is hot fry the eggs. Once the egg whites are set, flip the egg over for a little less than a minute. A slightly runny yolk will enhance, and blend the flavors. At about this time the bread should be done. Place the avocado and tomato slices on the toast, and top with the eggs.

To garnish, add salt, pepper and a little bit of balsamic vinegar. I use a raspberry balsamic vinegar and it contrasts nicely to the sweetness of the broken yolk. Sometimes, I add a little brie between the toast and avocado, if I am feeling fancy.

Celebrating the end of spring with seven little goslings, all of whom happened to be named Ryan.

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  1. Wow!

    I've always liked you.
    I love who you are becoming.


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