Sunday, September 15, 2013

Favorite Mac 'N Cheese

The most difficult part about moving to a rural farm area is the lack of diversity when it comes to food and groceries. James came down to visit for a week, and we quickly exhausted all the best restaurants. So for his next trip down, I had to get creative when it came to date night. 

The first thing that came to mind was mac 'n cheese with bacon, and beer. I knew I was on to something, but it still felt lacking. I needed a way to make the evening special outside of my makeshift shared apartment. So I packed up the pre-made mac 'n cheese, and drove him out into the country. After passing Costco, civilization ended, and we were engulfed by cornstalks and almond orchards. The roads narrowed, and barefoot children followed dogs carelessly chasing our car. Despite being utterly lost, we found a nice spot between an orchard and a corn field with a clear view of the sunset.  

A little music and conversation is all we needed to keep a smile on our faces, and the laughter flowing, as the sun melted away in front of us. However, the bacon mac 'n cheese was not neglected. James had his IPA, and both of our tummy's were full. 

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